On paper, we’re grape farmers and winemakers.

In our hearts, we’re pursuers of West Coast wonder and beauty.


Founded in 2002, JoieFarm was originally a cooking school and gastronomic guesthouse.

With our first vintage in 2003, we became only the fourth winery to grow from the Naramata Bench. Supplying restaurants is how we began and we’ve always been owned by a sommelier and restauranteur. Our tasting room opened its doors in 2017 and the En Famille Wine Club was launched in 2020.

Green JoieFarm sign on red farmhouse
Pouring a glass of 2022 JoieFarm A Noble Blend wine in the tasting room.


Approachable Wines Full Of Wonder.

Grapes and wine are our livelihoods – which make them the stars of our story. As both grape farmers and winemakers, we’re able to closely guide every step of the journey, from soil to vine to bottle or can, to produce consistently delicious wines.

Our wines are easy to drink, and especially magnetic when paired with food. They’re a balance of laid-back West Coast living and classy European joie de vivre. These are wines that bring out the beauty and wonder in every moment.


Life Is Better With People.

We hold people close to our hearts – the restauranteurs who believed in us during those early days and the ones who carry our wines today; the team here at JoieFarm who get their happy hands dirty day after day; our neighbours on the Naramata Bench who make life here even more special; the community of winemakers and artisans who continue to inspire us; the people we get to meet from all over the world when they pop into our tasting room; and those who drink our wines, existing in a beautiful moment, wherever they may be.

Group of people sitting at an evening lit long table enjoying each other and JoieFarm wine.
aerial view of JoieFarm surrounded by vineyards, rolling hills and a beautiful sunset


Cool-Climate, Lake-Moderated, Desert Terroir.

There’s no question: Canada’s West Coast is gorgeous. JoieFarm grows grapes and makes wine in a very unique valley, perched on an intimate loop of the famed Naramata Bench, with a view that stretches up and down Lake Okanagan. From our tasting room, we take in sweeping views of mountains, shimmering waters, vibrant vineyards, nature’s full colour wheel, and sun for days. It feels magical, unreal. This is the beauty you absorb when you sip our wines – along with the wonder we experience from hour to hour working in this stunning place.


We take wines seriously, but not ourselves.

We do a lot for a group who could fit in a canoe (or maybe two). Each of us came to JoieFarm for our shared love of food, farming, wine, and hospitality. We’re a very well-travelled bunch, but the wonder and beauty of the Okanagan is why we settled here. Learn more about our hard-working team here.

Karl Duda, Production Winemaker looking out from inside wine making equipment

You’ll taste West Coast joie de vivre, too.

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