Great Wines Should be Shared.

Make sure that your company is at the top of your client’s mind with a unique corporate gift – a wine gift delivered straight to their home or office.

Our wines are easy to drink, and especially magnetic when paired with food. They’re a balance of laid-back West Coast living and classy European joie de vivre. These are wines that bring out the beauty and wonder in every moment.

Our Gifts sets are curated by our expert winemaking team to highlight the best of what Joie Farm Winery has to offer. These bundles offer the perfect collection of wines to celebrate achievements, anniversaries or the holiday season.

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2 delivered JOIE boxes stacked on house entryway.

Corporate Gifting Selection

Flagship Collection

This flagship collection contains our most popular wine in a selection of
white, red and rosé.

3 Bottle Set Includes:
A Noble Blend, Rosé, PTG
$91.05 / 3 X 750ml ( + Tax & Shipping)

En Famille Collection

The En Famille Collection is more than just wine; it’s an invitation to be part of our
extended family, to savour the joy of gathering together.

3 Bottle Set Includes:
En Famille Riesling, En Famille Chardonnay, En Famille Pinot Noir.

$111.04 / 3 x 750mL (+tax & shipping)

Classic Collection

Theses wines are fresh, fruit-forward, and have lots of “jucidity”

3 Bottle Set Includes:
Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Gamay

$93.66 / 3 x 750mL (+tax & shipping)

Sparkling Wine Collection

Elevate any occasion with our Sparkling Duo, a sparkling sensation featuring the finest in celebratory wines.

2 Bottle Set Includes:
Plein de Vie, Quotidien Brut

Minimum of 3 bottles per personalized box
$68.52 / 2 x 750mL (+tax & shipping)

Build Your Own Collection

Create a unique wine gift reflecting your company’s style. Choose from premium wines with expert assistance for a memorable, personalized collection.

Minimum of 3 bottles per personalized box.

Want to send something special?

Create your own custom personalized gift sets for clients, partners, or employees and we will
include a special branded tasting card for your gift with a minimum five case order. Enjoy 15% off when you order five or more cases.

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