Frizzante Moscato 2019

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This wine, Célébration de la Vie, was created in memory of our friend, collaborator and prolific artist, Dale Nigel Gobel, as a celebration of his life and works. Dale created JoieFarm’s labels and graphics for 19 years. His ‘look and feel’ has permeated the spirit of JoieFarm for two decades strong. The label is an illustration of the original Joie logo sketch that Dale created in 2001.

Our 2019 Muscat is a “frizzante” style Moscato modeled after DOCG Moscato D’Asti. It is made from 100% JoieFarm estate Moscato Giallo grapes (a rare clone native to the Trentino-Alto Adige region of northeastern Italy). It was fermented slightly off-dry with 2 atmospheres of pressure applied to give a gentle sparkle. Its aromatics are undeniably charming and unique. This wine is an amazing low-alcohol aperitivo, delicious on its own or with spicy or deep-fried snacks, cured meats, or just simply olives and cheese.

Varietal: Moscato Giallo 100%

  • JoieFarm Estate Vineyard, Naramata Bench
  • Our estate Moscato Giallo grapes were hand-harvested and a sorting table was utilized before the grapes were de-stemmed to ensure that only healthy grapes went into the wine. After de-stemming, the crushed grapes went straight into the press and soaked for two hours in order to preserve pure varietal character. A slow, gentle pressing was done via a pneumatic press. A quick 12- to 16-hour settling allowed us to achieve maximum flavour and nutrients in our must before it was racked for ferment. The grapes were inoculated with an aromatic-forward yeast strain, W-15, to highlight the grape’s uniquely ‘grapey’ and white flower aromas. We chilled the must quickly, andthis allowed us to maintain a clean and controlled ferment that lasted about two weeks in stainless steel. Sulphur levels were carefully managed to preserve maximum bouquet, added only following a second racking post-fermentation and topped up pre-bottling. A touch of residual sugar was maintained by cold-stopping the ferment; the final sugar level was determined by taste trials and intended to balance the wine’s lively acidity. The wine was protein and cold stabilized, then filtered using a cross-flow (a medium-free method that is the gentlest of any filtering technique). The wine then had 2 atmospheres of pressure applied to it while being cold filtered and was bottled in the tradition of DOGC Moscato D’Asti with a crown cap applied to maintain its gentle sparkle.
  • This sparkling wine exhibits aromas of white pepper and freesia supported by white peach and citrus. On the palate, literal grapey flavours are balanced with lemon, lime, and kumquat. The wine is slightly off-dry with mouth-watering acidity. It has amazing concentration of flavour for a wine of such low alcohol and undeniably charming aromatics you can smell from across the room. A wine great for any occasion, to begin a reception or meal; whether for serious occasions or casual gatherings, this is intended to be a toast to life.