'En Famille' Reserve Riesling 2011

Old-vine fruit from the historic St Hubertus vineyard - one of BC's oldest! 

RECENT TASTING NOTES: Deep, deep gold in colour and flagged by aged Riesling's distinctive and desirable "petrol" notes. Mind you, there's a big teaspoon of honey in there, and still plenty of passionfruit, peach and even vanilla notes too. The flavour has a pleasantly off-dry fruitiness, like a combination of dragonfruit and golden delicious apple, that combines the exotic with the familiar. Far too refreshing for an aged wine - it has the liveliness of a wine half its age, but the nuances and complexity of one twice as old.   

SUGGESTED PAIRING: In case you haven't completely forgotten all about food after tasting it, this aged Riesling would be a great match for spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce, a coconut and lemongrass stir-fry, or a big pork chop with apple sauce and sauerkraut.