24-pk Noble Blend CANS

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24 for $204!

British Columbia's lakes, mountains, islands and parks are a wonderland for outdoor activities. Getting outdoors this summer? Now you have a local, quality wine option when you do.
This summer we're offering 24 cans of Noble Blend for $204 (tax and shipping included) plus a free pair of collector Joie sunglasses 😎
Whether you're camping, hiking, biking, boating, fishing or going to the beach, get #summerready with a 24 for 2-Oh-4!
These lightweight 250ml cans fit perfectly in a knapsack or golf bag, take up less space and chill faster in the cooler, have a lower environmental footprint and even cost less than bottles!
This is a very limited release. We expect to sell out fast. Don't miss out! 
We're only selling flats of 24 online, but you can also find Noble Blend cans at these select places: