2019 Easter JoieBox 12-pack

Easter celebrations include some of the year's best feasts: grilled lamb, glazed ham, fresh spring peas, wild asparagus, fiddleheads, herbs, new season potatoes... and maybe just one or two of those little chocolate bunnies.
But having such a diverse range of tastes and textures on one plate makes it challenging choosing a wine to pair. A sweet-and-salty roast may call for the vibrant acidity and crisp finish of an aromatic white, while more savoury dark meats beg for the soft tannins and bright fruity notes of a medium-bodied red. For some, Easter simply marks the occasion to revel again in fresh local produce and Rosé.

Luckily, there's a JoieBox for that. Our Easter 2019 collection offers a  variety of crowd-pleasing, accessible and delicious wines so that you have something to pair with everything on - and satisfy everyone at - the dinner table.


2019 Easter JoieBox includes:

Lovely with: fried oysters in lemon-caper dressing; scallop ceviche; clams steamed with parsley and spring herbs; deep fried spring onions; creamy fennel mussel stew  

We like it with: watercress, tarragon and radish salad; smoked trout; lentil and garlic scape stuffed collard greens; marinated olives; asparagus and fava bean salad   

Try alongside: new potato salad with dill; roasted rainbow carrots; sautéed fiddleheads; asparagus frittata; rabbit braised in grainy dijon and thyme; leek and spring onion gratin
Delicious with: fennel marinated pork loin; pea and sorrel soup; maple syrup glazed ham; spring peas with green garlic and mint; fava bean and chives on toast
Perfect partner to: spot prawns and crab; rich coconut curries; honey roasted brussel sprouts; tart flambé; Persian or Moroccan dishes accented with dried fruit and rose water
Great for: roasted beet salad; mushroom gnocchi; morel and mint ravioli; grilled radicchio; cumin and rosemary-crusted rack of lamb