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If you already know what you love or have a 'go-to' you regularly buy, the YOU Choose! wine club option is perfect for you.  

Never worry about running out of wine or having to make extra stops after work - just pick your favourite wine (or choose from one of our signature collections) and tell us when you want it delivered. It really is that simple. 

It's convenient, practical, and it saves you money - buying directly from us, the people making the wine, offers significant discounts compared to retail prices plus we ship it right to your door for free!

Interested? Choose your favourite wine (or collection) from the list below. Select when you'd like the second case delivered (30, 60, 90, or 120 days). If you decide to speed up or delay the next delivery, no problem! You tell us exactly when you'd like it shipped. (Note: subscriptions have a two case minimum but can be cancelled for free after that.)

Currently Available:

Noble Blend
'En Famille' Reserve Gewürztraminer 
'En Famille' Reserve Riesling
'En Famille' Reserve Muscat
'En Famille' Reserve Chardonnay 
'En Famille' Reserve Pinot Noir

Or choose one of signature mixed collections: