Chic Fille Pinot Gris 2018

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This skin-contact Pinot Gris is the third wine white release in the Chic Fille line-up. The Chic Fille wines are meant for teaching and learning and this wine was specifically made as a challenge for Heidi. Pinot Gris is not her favourite varietal as it is often over-cropped in British Columbia and vinified in an innocuous manner. It is often not very interesting, either on the nose or the palate. Instead of treating the vinification as a traditional white wine fermenting the juice without skins, we used extended skin-contact in the manner of rosé (something that Heidi knows a lot about). This resulted in an alluring colour with the Pinot Gris expressing itself as an aromatic rather than just a boring white wine. Mind, changed. The wine is successfully aromatic, textural, mouth-filling, exotic and tart. It has been finished as unfiltered, to preserve the pretty colour and textural element of the wine, with minimal sulphur addition.

Varietal: Pinot Gris 100%

  • Lakeside Vineyard, Skaha Bluff Penticton, BC
  • The grapes were hand-harvested on October 5th and a sorting table was utilized before the grapes were de-stemmed to ensure that only healthy grapes went into the wine. The de-stemmed grapes were soaked skins to juice for three days at cellar temperature. This soak allowed us to achieve an excellent extraction of colour and fruit flavours from the skins. The must was dumped by gravity into the press (more gentle than pumping the must) and a slow, gentle pressing was utilized via a pneumatic press. This light pressing off of the skins extracted a little bit of skin-tannin thereby giving the wine a rounder texture and further delicate pink colour. No sulphur was added at the press pan which allowed the must to hyper-oxidize, ensuring stable colour and flavour compounds during ferment. A long two day settling resulted in a clear must. The must was then racked to barrel for an ambient ferment. After 6 days, the ferment occurred spontaneously in a neutral 220L French oak barrique. The ferment took twenty one days to finish dry. The finished wine was left on its clean gross lees and then aged for two months. The wine was not filtered before bottling. Sulphur levels were carefully managed to preserve maximum bouquet, added minimally post-fermentation and judiciously topped-up before bottling.
  • This skin-contact Pinot Gris’ alluring pink hue anticipates the intense aromas of melon and pomelo. On the palate, rich flavours of intense strawberry jam tarts provide a rich quality to the wine’s medium body. The wine has moderate alcohol and finishes totally dry. Enjoy this versatile wine with Alsatian inspired Tart Flambée and Weisswurst, West Coast spot prawns in season, grilled fish and fresh salads of winter greens, crisp fennel, grains and winter citrus.