Quotidien Brut 2017

Quotidien means “your daily ration” and was made in JoieFarm's pursuit of fun, accessible, everyday bubble drinking while honouring the blending traditions of the great Champagne houses of France. The base wine is aged sur lie in neutral puncheons to add texture and "lees-y" biscuit flavours (in absence of the slow autolysis of traditional method bubble) and then blended with an addition of carefully and intentionally oxidized Riesling from our solera prior to second fermentation by Charmat method. Made from Chardonnay and Riesling grapes, JoieFarm Quotidien Brut hangs its hat on BC's signature varieties and Canada's potential to be a serious player in the sparkling wine world. It is a modern, new-world bubble to be enjoyed with regularity.

Varietal: 55% Riesling, 45% Chardonnay 

Awards & Reviews: Bronze, National Wine Awards of Canada

  • Paxon Family Vineyard, Naramata and ConVida Vineyard, Skaha Bluffs
  • The Chardonnay component of the base wine was picked in passes (over two weeks) in late August on the Skaha Bluff, ensuring a low potential alcohol with the first pick, brisk acidity on the second and a third, riper pick to add optimum flavour to the base wine. The base wine was slowly pressed on a Champagne whole-cluster press cycle and the resulting must was hyper-oxidized to stabilize colour and flavours. The Riesling component was picked mid-September, fermented separately, then blended with the Chardonnay. The base wine for this bubble sat on its fine lees over the winter of 2017 in neutral puncheon. It was then blended with wine from our Riesling solera that was slowly and gently oxidized (with no addition of sulphur). In absence of the atuolysis that occurs in traditional Method Champagnoise, this technique of lees and neutral barrel aging achieves an interesting and sophisticated, biscuity-fresh and slightly nutty palate to begin a second fermentation. This blend was made sparkling by a second ferment using a pied de cuvée, a Champagne yeast and sugar addition of 13g/L right into the pressurized tank. The second ferment in a pressured Charmat tank achieved a full 45 psi of pressure and took the wine up to 11.7% alcohol. A small dosage of 3 g/L was added right before bottling to achieve a perfect balance in this wine.
  • Vigorous fine mousse creates a mouthfeel of lemon meringue and pineapple fruit precisely balanced by juicy, racy acidity. The beautiful, lingering, toasty finish is complex and a satisfying accompaniment to fresh oysters, fried olives, gourgéres and salty, aged cheese. A versatile bubble always ready for fun.