Chic Fille Pinot Noir Rosé 2018

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This Pinot Noir Rosé is the second rosé release in our Chic Fille Project. Originally destined for sparkling base wine for the Plein de Vie, when tasting through the barrels Heidi pulled this aside as an example of a particularily fruit forward rosé. Alluring aromas and flavours of raspberries and buttery tuile cookies were too much to resist bottling this wine on its own. This rosé was the free run press juice, ambiently fermented in a neutral puncheon, much like the first Chic Fille rosé. However, this Pinot Noir rosé is a less savoury endeavor than the 2017 Pinot Meunier rosé as it expresses far more fruit character (the fruit as picked at 20 brix as opposed to 18 brix – with far more phenolic development). This rosé is still moderate in its weight and alcohol, making this dry rosé entirely crushable in the summer sun. It is unfined, unfiltered and has had minimal sulphur additions.

Varietal: Pinot Noir 100%

  • Con Vida Vineyard, Skaha Bluff Penticton(planted 1989)
  • The grapes were hand-harvested in late September and a sorting table was utilized before the grapes were de-stemmed to ensure that only healthy grapes went into the wine. The de-stemmed grapes were soaked skins to juice overnight at cellar temperature. This soak achieved an excellent extraction of colour and fruit flavours from the grapes, as the berries were tiny and the crop load light in this section of the vineyard. The must was dumped by gravity into the press (more gentle than pumping the must) and a slow, gentle pressing was utilized via a pneumatic press. The free run press juice was separated for settling and no sulphur was added at the press pan allowing the must to hyper oxidize, ensuring stable colour and flavour compounds during ferment. A long three-day settling resulted in a clear must. The ferment occurred spontaneously overnight in a neutral oak 550 L puncheon. The ferment took sixteen days to finish dry. The finished wine was aged on fine lees for three months to add a freshness to the wine. This rosé is unfined and unfiltered. Sulphur levels were carefully managed to preserve maximum bouquet, added only following a second racking post-fermentation and judiciously topped up pre-bottling.
  • This rosé’s bright hue anticipates the intense aromas of rasperries and tangerine skins. Flavours of juicy blood oranges and sangria are supported by medium body with moderate alcohol and is totally dry. The wine finishes with a tart, mouth-watering acidity and a touch of tannin astringency. This wine is enjoyed with sunshine and picnics!