Chic Fille Hollenbach Pinot Noir Duo 2017

ChicJoieFarm is pleased to present the next two wines in our experimental Chic Fille line-up; a fun duo of Pinot Noirs. Both wines are made from the same varietal, the same vineyard site, and the same winery protocol. The difference between the two wines is in the yeast strains: Chic Fille Hollenbach Pinot Noir Ambient was left to naturally and spontaneously ferment with ambient yeast while the Chic Fille Hollenbach Pinot Noir was inoculated with a favourite Burgundian cultured yeast strain, RC 212.

The results are fascinating. Yes, yeast matters!! The Chic Fille Hollenbach Pinot Noir Ambient presents a very fresh and precise expression of site and vintage highlighting the fresh fruit character. The Chic Fille Hollenbach Pinot Noir made with Burgundian yeast strain creates a Pinot Noir with supple texture highlighting its fine tannins and depth of cherry fruit.

We released these two wines as a duo with the intention of them being enjoyed side-by-side with friends and provoking conversation around the results that yeast strains have on a wine’s flavours and characteristics. Preferences are subjective so we hope these wines spark interesting conversations at your fireside, dinner table, games table, or wherever you choose to enjoy these beautiful wines.

The Chic Fille label is a fun, experimental label made by JoieFarm winemaker Heidi Noble and apprentice winemaker Alyssa Hubert. The Chic Fille wines have been initiated by a keen interest to learn and teach at JoieFarm. They were inspired by Heidi’s desire to revisit techniques that she had used when first teaching herself how to make wine. Many of these practices such as native fermentation, lees contact, skin contact, and semi-carbonic ferments have become incorporated into the cellar at JoieFarm over the course of 15 vintages. The Chic Fille label re-visits each one of the techniques singularly with the goal of making fun, textural, eminently drinkable, and interesting wines. Overall, these wines will help us improve the core JoieFarm portfolio as they continue to showcase the potential for wine created in a cool-climate, lake-moderated terroir.

Varietal: Pinot Noir 100%

  • Hollenbach Vineyard, Skaha Bluffs (clone 113).

    The Hollenbach Vineyard, located on the beautiful Skaha Bluff, is a cherished vineyard site in the JoieFarm portfolio. Fritz Hollenbach has been growing Pinot Noir Clone 113 for JoieFarm since 2008 and has been an essential component for our Rosé.

    The Skaha Bluff is an amazing micro-climate. It very much personifies the cool-climate, lake-moderated desert terroir of the Central Okanagan. In particular, this site sits just below a massive granite face of the bluff which acts as a big heat sink, intensifying the heat units of our dessert climate in the summertime, achieving a very fruit driven Pinot Noir. The bluff also holds onto cool air in the autumn extending our harvest time and allowing them to achieve maturity gradually preserving their brisk acidity while doing so. This intensely fresh, fruit driven Pinot was the impetus of this fun project.
  • The fruit was hand-picked and a sorting table was utilized to select only the best fruit. A portion of the fruit was selected to be crushed and de-stemmed and then fermented in small, open-top, 500L fermenters which allows for flexible temperature control, gentle handling of fruit, and ease of punch downs. One fermenter was spontaneously allowed to ferment on its own after being gradually warmed up after a 3-day cold soak. The other fermenter was inoculated with a favourite Burgundian yeast, RC-212, after a 3-day cold soak and gently warmed up to cellar temperature. This style of red fermentation allows us to preserve fresh fruit character. After fermentation, the wines were twice pressed off the skins and settled for 24 hours before being racked to a 500 L barrel where spontaneous malolactic fermentation occurred. Then the wines were aged for 10 months in neutral Burgundian puncheon on fine lees as to not overwhelm the delicate fruit profile of this single vineyard Pinot Noir experiment. After a winter and spring of barrel age, the wine was racked out of barrel and settled before bottling. The wine was unfiltered and unfined. Both Hollenbach Pinot Noirs were aged for nine months in bottle before release.
  • Both wines are brightly ruby coloured and exhibit aromas of dried rose petals, black tea and tabacco. The Hollenbach Ambient carries lifted flavours of pie-cherry fruit and the Hollenbach fermented with the RC-212 possesses deeper bing cherry flavours and fine cocoa tannins on the finish. We find the main difference between the two wines is more textural than an aromatic.

    Both wines are ‘apèro’ friendly. Enjoy with charcuterie, cheese, mushroom/nut pâté, or with an easy holiday appetizer. Saucisson sec (Oyama Sausage Co. on Granville Island makes an excellent one), smoked fish, livery foie gras, chicken liver parfait, foie gras torchon, duck, game meats, grilled chicken livers and hearts, stuffed dates/figs and forest mushrooms are all happy pairings our team would recommend.