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December 27, 2017 3 min read

JoieFarm is of the opinion that one does not have to work themselves into a mood to drink bubble or wait for a birthday or anniversary. Bubble is for every day. 

As an every day bubble drinker, I am proud to introduce our new Quotidien Brut to our bubble portfolio. Quotidien means “your daily ration” or “for every day.”

The creation of this wine came out of an ongoing conversation over the course of two years attending conferences and trade events. Conversations focused around the idea of how to possibly define “Canadian Wine” – a difficult proposition as the Canadian winemaking terroir varies vastly from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. The answer that kept consistently coming up is that Canada possesses the potential for quality bubble production, in particular, with Riesling and Chardonnay being the best consistent varietal contenders, coast to coast. There is definitely potential for premium sparkling production in Canada. To fully engage this conversation, I decided to make one – a combination of Riesling and Chardonnay.

Quotidien Brut is made by the Charmat method – the best method to make quality sparkling wine made for affordable, easy drinking bubble. However, in absence of the long-term autolysis that happens with lees-agedméthode traditional (which attributes to the beautiful biscuit and toast of real champagne), I knew I had to somehow replace this very import flavour component of good bubble. I knew I had to make better base wine. I thought about this process for several years and took the following approach with both of our sparkling wines. 

First, dogmatically picking at 15o brix for sparkling will indeed yield low-alcohol base wine (which is then re-fermented in tank or bottle); however, there is very little flavour or phenolic development at 15o brix. Much like the rest of Joie wines, I am a big proponent of picking several times to achieve natural balance – I took this exact approach to blend this sparkling base wine. Several picks were conducted, one for acid and low alcohol and one for flavour and ripeness, and then blended backwards to achieve an appropriate potential alcohol for a secondary tank fermentation.

Second, in order to replace the lees contact in the bottle, I chose to store the base wine after the first fermentation sur lie in neutral puncheons over the winter – this lends the wine some toast and biscuit flavours as well as providing some slow oxidation. I execute this practice for both of our casual bubble programs – both the Plein de Vie and the Quotidien are lees aged over the winter. 

Third, in the pursuit of making better base wine, we have started a solera of slowly oxidizing Riesling in neutral barrels with a bit of headspace left in them for the Quotidien, to back blend with, in the tradition of champagne blending. Some pretty sophisticated base wine for a fun every day $25 bubble.

Both the new Quotidien ($25) and Plein de Vie ($19) base wines are multiple picks fermented and blended, and slowly lees aged over the winter. Both casual fun summer-time bubbles for great flavour and quality, but wholly affordable, accessible and highly quaffable, with low alcohol and fruit forward profile.

Thank you for your support in our crusade of promoting every day bubble drinking and the pursuit of defining Canadian sparkling.

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